Unboxin’ This Here Red Dead 2 Collector’s Box! - Up at Noon Live!


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  • Berisha Oscar
    Berisha Oscar 17 დღის წინ +2

    "Outta the damn way" - Arthur Morgan

  • Memo Figueroa
    Memo Figueroa 18 დღის წინ

    GTA 4 character Patrick Mcreary on the left lol

  • Navarro '03
    Navarro '03 20 დღის წინ

    Philippines sell bandanas for 20 cents

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 21 დღის წინ

    Wtf do y'all do with all this crap when you buy these shitting collectors editions... Just constantly have to push it out of the way on your desk or tripping over it in your closet?

  • The Giga Assassin
    The Giga Assassin 21 დღის წინ

    pretty sure that's Dutch's bandana?

    • Tyler Joseph Smith
      Tyler Joseph Smith 11 დღის წინ

      The Giga Assassin No, sadly not.
      The picture can be found here: gamingph.com/2018/10/how-to-cover-arthur-face-with-bandana-in-red-redemption-2/

  • LVD1
    LVD1 22 დღის წინ

    some real Gundam love there

  • Greg Happ
    Greg Happ 22 დღის წინ

    This dude doing the unboxing is giving me a fair amount of anxiety

  • Ash Gibbons
    Ash Gibbons 23 დღის წინ

    The guy unboxing the stuff is so obnoxious

  • josh chigurh
    josh chigurh 24 დღის წინ

    Very un necessary and a waste of space

  • Flick M'switches
    Flick M'switches 24 დღის წინ

    Max is stressing me out why is he just ZOOMING through everything??

  • jeremy Kelly
    jeremy Kelly 29 დღის წინ

    This was a sloppy unboxing. The guy on the left just ripping things and throwing them everywhere.

  • Arhum
    Arhum 29 დღის წინ


  • Cecilia Fernandez
    Cecilia Fernandez 29 დღის წინ

    Are they still selling them?

  • Robert Cunningham
    Robert Cunningham 29 დღის წინ

    Can anyone else tell that these two hate each other? lol

  • Mellon Head
    Mellon Head თვის წინ


  • stingray plays
    stingray plays თვის წინ

    You put the bandana on wrong

  • Rordz Animation
    Rordz Animation თვის წინ

    For me the book is the best!

  • Gun Play Gaming
    Gun Play Gaming თვის წინ

    box is dope picked mine up on offer up for $130 which isnt that bad considering it was 110$ if you bought it at gamestop.
    maybe my favorite ce

  • Ergo Sumthing
    Ergo Sumthing თვის წინ

    You do get cigarette cards from Premium Cigarette packs in the game, but you get the card when you pick up the pack, not when you smoke them. My premium pack inventory is always maxed out so I have to smoke a pack to pick a new one up, but then you get a new card as well. makes smoking fun!

  • shawntez sanderfer
    shawntez sanderfer თვის წინ

    I’ll wear that bandanna anywhere on mamas

  • Foster Azmodan
    Foster Azmodan თვის წინ

    When you pick up a new pack of premium cigarettes and smoke one, you get a card.
    Not regular cigarettes

  • Connor Wacker
    Connor Wacker თვის წინ

    The bandana is similar to the one that Dutch has

  • Stringer
    Stringer თვის წინ

    Bald guy looks like a human ballsack

  • Mike Beck
    Mike Beck თვის წინ +2

    I have the gta 4 collectors box and yes I keep my weed in it

  • Dreadhead669
    Dreadhead669 თვის წინ

    And than there is that 200$ plastic special editon from Fallout76...
    Take a note from that special edition, Bethesda!

  • Initial Instinct
    Initial Instinct თვის წინ

    So It came with no game

  • Ishaan
    Ishaan თვის წინ

    IGN people are so unprofessional. Its disgusting. 0/10.

  • Yomi Flowers
    Yomi Flowers თვის წინ

    Did IGN seriously just CONDONE scalping???

  • SCARlet_DRaKox13
    SCARlet_DRaKox13 თვის წინ +1

    I got it last week from gamestop

  • Daniel Corona
    Daniel Corona თვის წინ +1

    "I love my horse"

  • Christopher Lippelt
    Christopher Lippelt თვის წინ

    YEE HAW 🤠

  • Andrew Hils
    Andrew Hils თვის წინ

    I want this lol i love the way he just throws away the boxes and packaging lmao

  • Anon Ymity
    Anon Ymity თვის წინ

    Just want the box, coin and catalogue

  • Munish K
    Munish K თვის წინ

    Lol they encouraged re selling it haha 😆

  • Matt Strange
    Matt Strange თვის წინ

    They gave you a bandanna from the dolls store

  • sean k
    sean k თვის წინ

    Honestly...this collectors edition doesn't even have the game for the price they could've included a digital voucher

  • Nonie Clark
    Nonie Clark თვის წინ

    Cartoon on left resembles Clint Eastwood

  • Julián Magni
    Julián Magni თვის წინ

    Should have included a figure or statue or a replica of something. It’s not worth it like this imo. Although the game is so awesome im still thinking about this.

    • Gun Play Gaming
      Gun Play Gaming თვის წინ +1

      Julián Magni dont think too long they’ll be gone soon have mine its pretty dope once you play the game you realize Everything is in the game even the challenge coin is dope its heavy has great detail and a magnetic case

  • homelessboii2
    homelessboii2 თვის წინ

    I saw Hosea at the thumbnail, almost criyed :'((

  • R.A. Soub
    R.A. Soub თვის წინ

    I would love to see a wood frame with double shoot shootgun hanged with red dead redemption print
    Who is agree with me

  • Eric-the-Cleric
    Eric-the-Cleric თვის წინ +2

    if you open a pack of premium cigarettes in red dead 2 you get a cigarette card

    • Rin Tin
      Rin Tin თვის წინ +2

      ^^ it's almost like these "games journalists" haven't played the game... Oh wait.....

  • G1 K2
    G1 K2 თვის წინ

    Says collector editions are bogus... then goes on to pull out pins, a bandana, a puzzle, and a book. 2/10

  • Joseph Malley
    Joseph Malley თვის წინ

    Damn shoulda upload my unboxing video.. on midnight release.. u guys behind the curve

  • Wigglez
    Wigglez თვის წინ

    *walks into living room* the camp gets its cut

  • Proudsoul1
    Proudsoul1 თვის წინ

    Damn 11 million subscribers and only 34 thousand views..how sad.

  • retr0 X
    retr0 X თვის წინ

    That's Dutch's bandana

  • AdDY D
    AdDY D თვის წინ

    Why are you guys opening everything like an animal🤦‍♂️

  • Romulan kush88
    Romulan kush88 თვის წინ

    Scans book.. "I'm sorry sir but this books been flagged"

  • Anthony Riccardi
    Anthony Riccardi თვის წინ

    Don’t even know why I bought this. Probably gonna resell it

  • BNT
    BNT თვის წინ

    so the game itself is not in the box

  • Robertus
    Robertus თვის წინ

    i would definitely have bought it if it came with a small statue with arthur morgan on a horse or something similair. i mean if it costs a 100 bucks i want it to have something i can remember it by, not something i put into my closet and never reach for it again ever.

  • Al O
    Al O თვის წინ

    Little stash pouch is my favorite rapper 😂

  • Dank Crusader
    Dank Crusader თვის წინ

    They should've included Arthur Morgan's Journal in it. Smh.

  • yungtoiletpaper
    yungtoiletpaper თვის წინ

    This the videos they play in musty gamestops across America

  • Zairy is Me
    Zairy is Me თვის წინ

    Why don't you just smash the box while you're at it?

  • Dank Gaming
    Dank Gaming თვის წინ

    Did it include a plan?

  • Revanth
    Revanth თვის წინ

    Low effort unboxing.

  • Don Cortes
    Don Cortes თვის წინ

    Opens the box then throws stuff around...

  • Cass Zhang
    Cass Zhang თვის წინ

    For a hundred bucks, I kinda expect they put some sort of figure in there. I do like that.playing card and cig card, but they are far less from 100 dollar value.

  • The Pixelizer
    The Pixelizer თვის წინ

    They're merchandise can ve used to hide weed but it's legal there? Then why hide it in the first place?

  • Axell Bryan
    Axell Bryan თვის წინ

    Im a 13 year old teenager. I played red dead 2.

    • wiz ard
      wiz ard თვის წინ

      I am too

    • Burleon
      Burleon თვის წინ

      So?who cares keep it for urself

  • nosajasonM
    nosajasonM თვის წინ

    What a weird word puzzle is.

  • yellow98gt
    yellow98gt თვის წინ

    $100 of junk without the game 👎

  • George Nara
    George Nara თვის წინ +1

    Game not included

      JAWS OF OBLIVION თვის წინ +1

      My local gamestop did a bundle of rdr2 digital ultimate edition and physical ultimate edition and the collector's edition box and I received a new lanyard that says rdr2 on it all for 270usd.

  • walking gamer9 Holt
    walking gamer9 Holt თვის წინ

    i can tell you all take great care of your things

  • Dr. Death
    Dr. Death თვის წინ

    They unbox like they review games.

  • ErikRichardson
    ErikRichardson თვის წინ +26

    This unboxing gave me anxiety. Jesus

  • Max Caulfield
    Max Caulfield თვის წინ

    There he is!

  • Genius Nigam
    Genius Nigam თვის წინ

    2:38 he did not tie it properly.
    Edit-It would have been better if Rockstar sold this collector's box for 160$ with the game instead of 100$ without the game since I saw many people complaining about it.

    • Dank Gaming
      Dank Gaming თვის წინ

      We got a bandana aficionado here people, make room! Lmao...

  • SUPER TANK 1200
    SUPER TANK 1200 თვის წინ

    I love my horse

  • TrueProGamer
    TrueProGamer თვის წინ

    I didn’t know people still used the word swag lol

    • TrueProGamer
      TrueProGamer თვის წინ

      Dank Gaming it’s a name not a title but no problem I guess

    • Dank Gaming
      Dank Gaming თვის წინ

      I didn't know the populace needed to know you are a TRUE pro gamer instead of a phony. Thanks for the heads up, guy.

  • Pooky-Raed
    Pooky-Raed თვის წინ

    Worst unboxing ever

  • eleven38
    eleven38 თვის წინ +1

    Is that an UNKLE shirt?

    • Nikos Krous
      Nikos Krous თვის წინ +1

      First thing I noticed

  • Dih
    Dih თვის წინ +1

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Paper Collector's edition
    Sorry, but this edition is terrible, just paper and without the game.. I wanted an action figure =/

  • Prophetz Of The Sound
    Prophetz Of The Sound თვის წინ

    thats the way it is.

  • Dritki _
    Dritki _ თვის წინ

    the man with hair have no idea for RDR

  • Alex Daughdrill
    Alex Daughdrill თვის წინ

    You could stash the Thoinky pack in there.

    LIKESQUAD_CEO თვის წინ +26

    that red bandana gonna get a lot of ppl killed wearing it in the wrong hood...

  • Boston Edge
    Boston Edge თვის წინ +2

    Not impressed :(

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez თვის წინ

    No Revolver ?

  • Murph
    Murph თვის წინ


  • VR Prasad
    VR Prasad თვის წინ

    That red box reminds me of Deadpool. Anyone?

  • Titan 16
    Titan 16 თვის წინ


  • Spacemonkeymojo
    Spacemonkeymojo თვის წინ

    Box of junk.

  • Matthew Carpenter
    Matthew Carpenter თვის წინ +37

    I just hate that I didn’t come with the game itself

    • Gun Play Gaming
      Gun Play Gaming თვის წინ

      ChickenMemeG dude thank you these spoiled goofs crying because they didnt get a game in their 100$ box .

    • Gun Play Gaming
      Gun Play Gaming თვის წინ

      why? who cares you can select the version you want... digital was my choice.

    • ChickenMemeG
      ChickenMemeG თვის წინ

      it gives a digital guy a home to go. Not hard to understand

    • AMQ__SA
      AMQ__SA თვის წინ +1

      It's not a game edition

  • addicted to you.
    addicted to you. თვის წინ +1

    Perfect to stash my drugs

  • justin1064
    justin1064 თვის წინ

    I was half expecting a video review for each item in the box at this point.

  • Ras_ Al_Him
    Ras_ Al_Him თვის წინ

    Seeing this basdard Dutch on the thumbnail makes me angry

  • Halloween Michael Myers 2
    Halloween Michael Myers 2 თვის წინ

    That catalogue has anything u need

  • Uncle Jemima
    Uncle Jemima თვის წინ

    Damn I want those cigarettes cards

  • Anthony Horrocks
    Anthony Horrocks თვის წინ +11


  • Sahl Nasution
    Sahl Nasution თვის წინ +1

    No money so no games

  • Artanalbo
    Artanalbo თვის წინ +7


  • Chicitypoysun
    Chicitypoysun თვის წინ +6

    If you have a collectors edition like I do, hit the like button!

  • myplane150
    myplane150 თვის წინ +9

    A hundred bucks??? Please say it included the game?

    • Skreamies
      Skreamies 18 დღის წინ

      +myplane150 Exactly haha

    • myplane150
      myplane150 თვის წინ

      +Skreamies Damn!!!

    • myplane150
      myplane150 თვის წინ

      +No Scope Nope... old (53) gamer here. Set financially but hate getting ripped off.

  • UGA Dawg
    UGA Dawg თვის წინ

    Nothing like being behind in the unboxing of this.. a little late guys!

  • Leonardo Talavera
    Leonardo Talavera თვის წინ


  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman თვის წინ +5

    "Lil Stash Pouch is my favorite rapper" lmao

  • saskia
    saskia თვის წინ

    love the box!

  • Mark Rock
    Mark Rock თვის წინ +2

    That's not the tidings box. It says Cornwall on it, as in Leviticus Cornwall. They mentioned they'd had that box for years, and hadn't even heard of Cornwall until unwittingly robbing his train. Still a cool box though lol

    • Gun Play Gaming
      Gun Play Gaming თვის წინ

      whatever it is its a pretty decent little lock box has nice weight to it

    • Mark Rock
      Mark Rock თვის წინ +1

      +Matthew Tyrer I was disappointed, I was gonna keep the zebra for myself😂

    • Matthew Tyrer
      Matthew Tyrer თვის წინ +1

      +Mark Rock Not everyone is quite so bright :)

    • Mark Rock
      Mark Rock თვის წინ +1

      +Matthew Tyrer Idk about that, Arthur "shoooore" knew the difference right away lol

    • Matthew Tyrer
      Matthew Tyrer თვის წინ +1

      +Mark Rock You can market a Mule as a Zebra though and nobody will look twice.