Warcraft 3: Reforged - Gameplay Trailer - BlizzCon 2018


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  • Brian Kirk
    Brian Kirk 2 დღის წინ

    I love Blizzard and the games they make, I grew up on them! But I can't get around how cheesy this looks. I'll take the 2-D game any day over this

  • nexus1g
    nexus1g 4 დღის წინ

    This looks incredible. They did such a better job of this than StarCraft Remastered (and understandably, there's only so much you can do with sprites). These cutscenes.... Just amazing. I've gotta get this at some point.

  • tatalsaba
    tatalsaba 4 დღის წინ

    I truly hope the reforged version includes the Frozen Throne, that'd be epic!

    JBILLINGS 5 დღის წინ

    Probably the greatest game of all time

  • kuvanje sa davidom /cooking with david
    kuvanje sa davidom /cooking with david 5 დღის წინ

    omg that will be the best game in world agein

  • gsdRoyce02
    gsdRoyce02 6 დღის წინ

    Legacy of arthas in 4k old times

  • bobby
    bobby 6 დღის წინ

    Frostmourne hungers!

  • Divine Cutz
    Divine Cutz 8 დღის წინ

    Now im waiting to see Arthas riding a bony horse...

  • Purboyo Ananda
    Purboyo Ananda 12 დღის წინ

    now we can relive the whole tragedy again.

  • Shearman TheWeeb
    Shearman TheWeeb 12 დღის წინ

    Remake for one of the greatest games ever

  • DickBurns
    DickBurns 13 დღის წინ

    I was hoping for a mobile version, said nobody EVER.

  • Omghalp Bro
    Omghalp Bro 14 დღის წინ

    I want Warcraft 4 to have WOW assets.. and be able to use ALL of them... imagine they game. RTS with allllll thenWOW assets..

  • Grand Admiral Lillard99
    Grand Admiral Lillard99 15 დღის წინ +1

    I'm so excited for this game I can't wait to see how the night elves look

  • Königtiger Für Wehrmacht
    Königtiger Für Wehrmacht 15 დღის წინ

    Can't wait to see arthas kill sylvanas in 4k resolution 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Type-moon Fag
    Type-moon Fag 15 დღის წინ

    While yes, the graphics are better, i still like the old artstyle more

  • Juxtaposed Lime
    Juxtaposed Lime 18 დღის წინ

    I hope they keep the original voice lines

  • Niko Johnson
    Niko Johnson 19 დღის წინ


  • Elizabeth Lestrad
    Elizabeth Lestrad 20 დღის წინ

    My main concern this point is the rumors that they may be planning to change the lore of The Warcraft game universe (via WC3) to justify all the silliness they’ve done with WoW. Keep the universes separate.

  • ark miguel melior
    ark miguel melior 21 დღის წინ

    They forgot the night elf

  • CptEddyPrice
    CptEddyPrice 21 დღის წინ

    HoTs looks gfx more impressive than this hd remake

  • Raul Coman
    Raul Coman 26 დღის წინ

    can't wait :D!

  • IAmGamerFun
    IAmGamerFun 27 დღის წინ

    I'm so excited, I'm actually even more encouraged to get my computer up and running

  • Blu
    Blu 27 დღის წინ

    The nostalgy... omagad

  • Elyad Gayud
    Elyad Gayud 29 დღის წინ

    They should change the buildings a bit more realistic to fit the models. And implement some new features...

  • TheVoorhees666
    TheVoorhees666 თვის წინ

    1:27 frostmourne baby yeahhh

  • Steven X. Styler
    Steven X. Styler თვის წინ

    night elves anyone?

  • Scarface Kritikos
    Scarface Kritikos თვის წინ

    The graphics are incredibly beautiful, i can't wait to play this game. But it would have been perfect if they made the structures a little bit bigger in size. Like Age of Empires 2, that would have been more accurate and cool.

  • Diederick Doomernik
    Diederick Doomernik თვის წინ

    Dota 3 incoming

  • calvin evans
    calvin evans თვის წინ +1

    The Blademaster needs a more dangerously sharp looking katana. The Orcs thing was although they had little armor their bodies were extremely muscular which allowed them to easily wield big unproportional weapons that other races couldn't but The blademasters were a problem. While they were still big and muscular like the rest of the orcish horde their brute strength was focused and disciplined which made them extra dangerous and a force to be reckoned with. This was all told with out words in wc3 by how well kept their katanas looked in contrast by the rest of the Orcish horde's more crude looking weapons.

  • Liron Amrani
    Liron Amrani თვის წინ

    This looks old and boring, shame.

  • Haniff Hamid
    Haniff Hamid თვის წინ +1

    whosyourdaddy now?

  • Gargamel
    Gargamel თვის წინ +1

    Will it come for Android and iOS though?
    We DO have phones

    • Gargamel
      Gargamel 29 დღის წინ

      +Hanzi2u You will play this on a phone and you will like it
      you don't know what you want

    • Hanzi2u
      Hanzi2u 29 დღის წინ


  • Dr Bones
    Dr Bones თვის წინ +2

    bet its on mobile or has micro transactions

  • iñaki Redin
    iñaki Redin თვის წინ +1

    Fans did it better than Blizzard: geclip.com/video/pOfHOpaHexw/ვიდეო.html

  • Queruben Arcon
    Queruben Arcon თვის წინ +1

    i failed no nuts november because of this

  • Ray Lachman
    Ray Lachman თვის წინ +1

    The environment needed a re-texture update as well. It's still very bland although colorful. Too bad. It might look better in person but Blizzard should really make a Warcaft 4. They won't of course.

  • Tizonwar8
    Tizonwar8 თვის წინ +1

    why not warcraft 1 and 2 reforged? So much replay value in that

  • Joshua Siapno
    Joshua Siapno თვის წინ +1

    greedisgood 999999

  • Joshua Siapno
    Joshua Siapno თვის წინ +1


  • Daniel Svendsen
    Daniel Svendsen თვის წინ +2

    I never realized how tall orcs are compared to humans until now.

  • Paul McCharmly
    Paul McCharmly თვის წინ +1

    Frozen Throne?

  • IceKing05
    IceKing05 თვის წინ

    I am the only one who don't like the change? (sorry for bad english)

  • Federico Rapuano
    Federico Rapuano თვის წინ +1

    Does anyone know wich is the music in the background?

  • BobTheBacon
    BobTheBacon თვის წინ +2

    Looks like a mobile game.

  • Reiyan
    Reiyan თვის წინ +1

    this is the blizzard we know. Not Diablo M

  • Wheezyweasel
    Wheezyweasel თვის წინ +1

    F$%k Diablo mobile, this is what fans want ! Now give us a D2 hd-remake !

  • N1k0 52
    N1k0 52 თვის წინ +3

    Insert epic

  • nervana1 nervana1
    nervana1 nervana1 თვის წინ +1

    Finally DOTA 2 For REAL!

  • Thành Tạ
    Thành Tạ თვის წინ +3

    Who's waiting for night elf archer's remodel? XDXD

  • dimitris Bam
    dimitris Bam თვის წინ +2

    Omg I need this on ps4

    • Shearman TheWeeb
      Shearman TheWeeb 12 დღის წინ

      The original wasn't so it probably won't be released on consoles. Although Warcraft 2 was on PlayStation so there is a possibility.

    • Hanzi2u
      Hanzi2u 29 დღის წინ

      Hahahaha LOL!! I bet you it's not coming to ps4 or any console hopefully , PC would be the best choice with this game.. and it would just be sad if it's was ported to console .

  • OpenWorldGamer
    OpenWorldGamer თვის წინ +2

    warcraft 4 Next year :V

  • TheNoLifeKing
    TheNoLifeKing თვის წინ +1

    im i the only one dissapointed to not see any NE units

  • Cacetao pau
    Cacetao pau თვის წინ +1

    omg omg omg!!

  • Armando Larraga
    Armando Larraga თვის წინ +1

    Hay que purgar!!!!

  • Association of Free People
    Association of Free People თვის წინ +1

    Can't wait to play this on my iPhone 6

  • Rod G
    Rod G თვის წინ +1

    Can we play dota with map editor? :O

  • Yandi Roda Alarcón
    Yandi Roda Alarcón თვის წინ +1

    They need to remaster the "Power of the Horde" song too, if they don't do that, then the game is not worth buying

  • Ar-Kayne Izzat
    Ar-Kayne Izzat თვის წინ +1

    Fan: we want Warcraft 4 😤
    Blizzard: Warcraft 3 remaster
    Fan: close enough 😐

  • Allan Weisser Verdessi
    Allan Weisser Verdessi თვის წინ

    I still think that could have better graphics, these are like 2013's, even sc2 looks better... but well

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Well just reminder that this is running on the original Warcraft III engine that is 16 years old....so there is only so much they can do with it and Starcraft 2 trilogy also had much higher budget/production value than this remaster.
      Overall though it does its job....they could have just released 4K patch for original game, released it on new Battle.net and leave it to that, but they went extra length. Also brining this to new game engine would have been bad idea, because then all those custom maps made over 16 years time would not have been compatible with this remaster.....now nearly 100% (all of which used original Map Editor assets atleast) will be. And one reason why Warcraft III became such huge success and lived so long is because of those custom games.

  • By Gy
    By Gy თვის წინ

    So, imagine reforged DotA! 😊

  • hellatze
    hellatze თვის წინ

    Peasant still hitting air to build something.


    Its to late... my entire wallet must be purge... after the release of this game lol

  • desaturated
    desaturated თვის წინ

    Blizzard is running out of ideas so they either remake old games or make games for mobile devices

  • Jericho Amiel Pabalate Lafuente
    Jericho Amiel Pabalate Lafuente თვის წინ

    My only problem is with the HUD. I prefer the unit portraits to be framed like in the original, and for the item slots to be to the left of the command card, and in vertical order. Other than that, looks great.

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      They said that we can choose between the original HUD and the remastered one....just like we can apparently choose between original and remastered voice-acting and hopefully same thing with original and remastered map layout.
      Overall the more options they give us to choose between things that have been changed and how they originally were (but with always the remastered visuals) the better.

  • Hikky
    Hikky თვის წინ

    Final Last nostaltic moments. Future of blizzard In mobile marketing looks sad.

  • Serhan Miah
    Serhan Miah თვის წინ

    I have a question, are they going to sell each campaign separately?

  • Playmaker
    Playmaker თვის წინ

    Diablo 2 Remaster please

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze თვის წინ

    Where my Quilboars at??

  • Poseidon Manos Pavlides
    Poseidon Manos Pavlides თვის წინ

    Uther model: If it ain't broken, don't fix it

  • Support Life Chose Me.
    Support Life Chose Me. თვის წინ

    Actually....what if blizzard can create a dota version, it's no copyrighted, right? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Support Life Chose Me.
    Support Life Chose Me. თვის წინ +1

    Dotawc3 reforged edition coming soon.

  • Plutia chan
    Plutia chan თვის წინ

    I can tell someone would remake the first dota.

  • Redrine Snow
    Redrine Snow თვის წინ

    DOTA: reforged plz!

  • Trmn8r
    Trmn8r თვის წინ

    Everyone got taller

  • NewTypexvii
    NewTypexvii თვის წინ

    Pointless... Why remaster a 16 year old game? the game will play just the same, its nonsense... Just make Warcraft 4, new mechanics, revolutionary graphics, new story, I'd wait.... I can't stand Blizzard sometimes, just milking as much money as possible for . Loved the Diablo fans boo-ing them, cause seriously they deserve it.

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Well you know that damn MMO is pretty much preventing Warcraft IV from happening....

  • Gary
    Gary თვის წინ

    I would really love a Single Player Action RPG based on Warcraft from Blizzard

  • DrShocktopus
    DrShocktopus თვის წინ

    Childhood remastered in 4K

    KIM JONG FAT თვის წინ

    Ok im waiting for dota 2

  • MOUNTAIN 金太郎
    MOUNTAIN 金太郎 თვის წინ

    they should rescale the buildings imo🤔😅

  • zilia hui
    zilia hui თვის წინ

    Is it in 4K ?

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man თვის წინ

    Greedisgood 9999999

  • Grasshopper
    Grasshopper თვის წინ

    I would have been excited if this was Warcraft 4 with a new story line and new heroes.

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Well you know as well as I do that this certain MMO is preventing that from happening....

  • Frej Andreasen
    Frej Andreasen თვის წინ

    Does it come on mobile?

  • Timic83tc
    Timic83tc თვის წინ

    Why did they ripoff Crystal Maiden model lmao

  • Timic83tc
    Timic83tc თვის წინ

    Watch them NPC this game up fam

  • DominatorD3
    DominatorD3 თვის წინ

    Titan rise again xD

  • Faysal Bin Sadique
    Faysal Bin Sadique თვის წინ

    some people like to nag for no reason these days.

  • madmaxmadog
    madmaxmadog თვის წინ

    So........ no Warcraft 4 :(

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Well you know as well as I do that this certain MMO is preventing that from happening....

  • Михаил Кръстев
    Михаил Кръстев თვის წინ

    Should've said zugzug instead of work in progress!

  • Kurtis Oxley
    Kurtis Oxley თვის წინ

    Best game ever... I loved it so much i couldnt play WOW after seeing what they did to the storyline.

  • Starcrap 64
    Starcrap 64 თვის წინ

    Does anyone know if frozen throne is included ??

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      yes and improved map editor as well.

  • Νικος RAS
    Νικος RAS თვის წინ

    i have to play lotr strongholds on this one

  • David Rothstein
    David Rothstein თვის წინ

    Now we can purge Stratholme in HD!!!!!!

  • DeKo22
    DeKo22 თვის წინ

    You better start making warcraft 4 with better graphics new units and more... lel. Making remastered things reworked refked reshit and rewtf is this thing... just to grab moneys?

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Well you know as well as I do that this certain MMO is preventing that from happening....

  • Wat Tyler
    Wat Tyler თვის წინ

    "MY LIFE FOR AUIR! *cough* I mean... Nerzhul..."

  • OrdoMallius
    OrdoMallius თვის წინ

    Glad you could make it, Uther.

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Glad I could bake it, Arthas

  • MLW!!9
    MLW!!9 თვის წინ


    • MLW!!9
      MLW!!9 თვის წინ


    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      improved map editor is included

  • Derivative MVs
    Derivative MVs თვის წინ

    Remaking 3 as it was is great and all, but will they stop there? Should we be smelling new expansions and playable factions on the horizon?

  • Attila Szücs
    Attila Szücs თვის წინ

    So everyone having smaller head with a higher resolution is an upgrade now.. I would prefer to keep the bodypart ratios but with more details.. this was a huge part of warcraft 3 atmosphere.. now it's close to average

  • DiabloQFDB
    DiabloQFDB თვის წინ

    Sorry, I was expecting more from a remaster after so much time. This is how the game looks in my memory. Nostalgia can be very strange...

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi თვის წინ

      Honestly? :D well you must not have played Warcraft III in VERY long time then....but ofc when it comes to the style of the game, its going to stay very much similar to the original...and the game IS running on the same old engine after all.