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    These hacks will help you to make beach days perfectly comfortable and you will have the best time ever!
    Watch our video and learn what to do if you need to wash hair after swimming and you don’t have douche, how to make underwater photos, how to create a towel beach bag that requires basic sewing skills and suppliers and that you can easily throw in the washer to clean!
    A foggy mask ruins an entire dive or swim, destroying your view of fishes and corals. The good news is that it's possible to prevent any mask from fogging using lighter and toothpaste. Fire removes the silicon from the mask and reduces the fog. After that apply toothpaste on the inside of the mask lens until it coats the glass completely. Rinse the mask gently with fresh water until the lens is clear. Enjoy your diving!
    When the hot weather arrives, all you want to do is enjoy it, but things like sand in shoes, insects and warm drinks can make you crazy.
    Lucky for you, we’ve found a great collection of life-changing lifehacks! Watch our video and find out how to easily repair your pool toys, flip-flops, how to save your money when you relax in the beach, use a bed sheet to stay and free and other useful tricks you gonna love!
    One of the worst parts of summer is getting a sunburn. When it happened to throw some aloe vera gel into ice cube trays and freeze it. Voila!
    Watch our video and find how to make a bag out of recycled plastic bottles. You will need 3 plastic bottles, rope and only a couple of minutes! Follow our instructions: cut the bottles, make holes, join the three bottles with the rope. Voila!
    Do you love nature and spend time camping? So, what are the most useful camping tricks that you need to know? We have a collection of uncommon solutions to common and uncommon problems. DIY BBQ grill, corn chips firestarter and more useful ideas for you!
    You will find an incredible idea to create using pool noodles! You can make a nice swimming container for your snacks and beverages. Have fun!
    00:36 DIY Douche
    01:09 Defogging trick
    03:07 Summer tattoo
    10:36 Beach bag from plastic bottles
    13:43 Carabiner flip-flop hack

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