Marzia quits YouTube, Voiceover Pete BANNED, WSJ BACK at it again?! ๐Ÿ“ฐ PEW NEWS๐Ÿ“ฐ

แƒ’แƒแƒ–แƒ˜แƒแƒ แƒ”แƒ‘แƒ

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  • Meme Biologist
    Meme Biologist 17 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Mariza going back to the kitchen I see

  • Ciara Hunter
    Ciara Hunter 17 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    ''FROM WHAT I GATHERED'' you are not getting married

  • pirpurian
    pirpurian 19 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    i love pete and his son i stan

  • Sadik Raza Khan
    Sadik Raza Khan 20 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    ร€pki รฏncome ฤทรฏtni hฤรฏ

  • JumpScareKitty
    JumpScareKitty 21 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    OOOOH YOU CLEVER SWEDISH BEARDED MAN. Using the distortion of copyrighted logos to avoid article 13

  • LennonB.
    LennonB. 21 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Megan7899
    Megan7899 21 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I bet he gets paid to speak on so many videos i mean holy shit
    im not complaining, Pete is brilliant!

    • Megan7899
      Megan7899 21 แƒกแƒแƒแƒ—แƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

      nevermind i didnt wait for the video to finish

  • Moyaatje87
    Moyaatje87 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Never watched your show until today, had a presumption you were obnoxious or dumb. But I was wrong, good humour, entertainment and actual intellectual statements. You have my respect sir!

  • Dan Slash
    Dan Slash แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I hate nazis but if they give me money I'm gonna take it.

  • with cinnamon, please
    with cinnamon, please แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    it must have been very hard for Marzia to do it! I will miss her videos very much, but I'm so happy that's she's following her dreams ^^

  • L x w H v R m
    L x w H v R m แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Guilherme da Cruz
    Guilherme da Cruz แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Love you, Felix!

  • dustin peloquin
    dustin peloquin แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Put captions on at the bggining

  • Gepord
    Gepord แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    brand new tv huh?

  • Selena Candelaria
    Selena Candelaria แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I still cry when watching marzia's goodbye vid :'(

  • DiamondTurtle
    DiamondTurtle แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Come on St Jude's that 26k could be used to save a kid. if you decline the money you inavertabily killed a kid. Can we get a F for that dead kid who couldn't get chemo because his family was too poor

  • Junior Menezes
    Junior Menezes แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Parabรฉns para quem fez a legenda PT-BR, estรก uma MERDA!

  • ฮฑะธฯƒะธัƒะผฯƒฯ…ั•lัƒ fฮฑะผฯƒฯ…ั•
    ฮฑะธฯƒะธัƒะผฯƒฯ…ั•lัƒ fฮฑะผฯƒฯ…ั• แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    17:15 Nigahiga's chigga Sean did leave

  • Tsunayoshi Sawada
    Tsunayoshi Sawada แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I actually like this....PewNews....

  • murus micmac
    murus micmac แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    (((wall street journal)))

  • Foxy Bandida
    Foxy Bandida แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    This video in particular is now my favorite! Especially because @pewdiepie talks about St. Judeโ€™s Hospital and what they are doing wrong. โ™ฅ๏ธ All very good topics.

  • Temira loves sans #donthate
    Temira loves sans #donthate แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    1234 5678 90
    EXPIRES: one hour

  • Mr Jawsome Jaws
    Mr Jawsome Jaws แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    F in chat bois

  • bedhead1405
    bedhead1405 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    They should take the super chat money and ban the account

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Internet used to be a place to hide from reality... now reality is a place to hide from the PC morons on the internet.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Pete is like a real version of Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill. Funny, cunning and laughing at his own misery

  • Kyle Elrod
    Kyle Elrod แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Marzia quits GEclip

    Weird flex. But ok

  • Yaniiboy CS GO
    Yaniiboy CS GO แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    2:39 anyone know the song in the background. No it's not darude sandstorm.

  • Mateus S. G.
    Mateus S. G. แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    TAKE IT PETE 2108 0473 803 3847 04/20

  • mFashion
    mFashion แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    you know what i dislike about your videos? are the ads. i am going to install adblock

  • daddy flextape
    daddy flextape แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    The audio quality isn't that nice

  • Sisrace
    Sisrace แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Holy mother of treble

  • Armando Vera
    Armando Vera แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    How is "White Pride" offensive?

  • 3d guy247
    3d guy247 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Fiverr is dumb for not getting that joke pffft

  • phantom_playz
    phantom_playz แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Hey poopy awkward face

  • kath xd
    kath xd แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    i just heard i'm poppy harlow and liked it

  • Alauddin shah##
    Alauddin shah## 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Teri maki

  • PsychoApe
    PsychoApe 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    PewDiePie looks like Captain America

  • Marita Sagen
    Marita Sagen 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Came to hear your thoughts about Marzia quitting yt. Im glad you support her, I can tell you care about her, good job!

  • houda yu
    houda yu 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    What on earth are you people talking about???

  • sunel sain sunny
    sunel sain sunny 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    T series ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Debatra
    Debatra 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    The people who had orders pending need to contest the charges with their credit card companies.

  • Hendra Setiawan
    Hendra Setiawan 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    Yang Nonton Orang Indonesia like...

  • HomerPimpson
    HomerPimpson 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    The last person I could think of waiting GEclip just to move on that I watched on the daily was Raywj

  • chaosincarna
    chaosincarna 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    "White pride, world wide," isn't offensive if any other color pride isn't.

  • Figs0306 Figtree
    Figs0306 Figtree 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Pewdiepie Iโ€™ll slap u across the face if u quit GEclip so donโ€™t get any ideas

  • Madeline Ramos
    Madeline Ramos 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Maddy Love
    Maddy Love 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Hey hey hey, I'm back on ur channel and I'm confused af. But meme review is still here. But so happy to see Pewds channel grew instead of going down. Hopefully, Maria and u are happy. Much love xxoo.

    ZEBRA 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I miss Marzia :c

  • X gamer45
    X gamer45 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I wish there was a way to delete T-series

  • DJ CowGal
    DJ CowGal 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Voiceover Pete needs your help, put you credit card # in the comments below to help him out.

  • Alicia Cabrera
    Alicia Cabrera 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Gloria bolger

  • Apex
    Apex 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I love how shady he is to HIMSELF ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • riner9
    riner9 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    it's 2018 no jokes allowed

  • Battlecruiser Plays
    Battlecruiser Plays 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    fiver views its content creators as nothing more than cash generators, The people who run that company don't see people but objects and as objects it's easy to organize them even according to whatever personal ideology they have. I wouldn't be surprised if he was banned for a virtue signalling reason since being superior on social media is more important than money these days. Especially if they can just ban the person and "keep" the money using a tiered system like "pay fiver then use fiver credits." If they pulled this store credit shit on me I'd do a chargeback of all my purchases of fiver citing "fraud"

  • Mr Themanwhosellsyoustuff
    Mr Themanwhosellsyoustuff 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Logan paul

  • Spaggity
    Spaggity 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    press f to pay respects to marzia and voiceoverpete and stan lee

  • Santiago Ramirez
    Santiago Ramirez 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    dont QUIT youtube

  • Skellington
    Skellington 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Biggest wooosh this year.

  • Hannah Montgomery
    Hannah Montgomery 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Did anyone else get a frikkin Fiverr Ad during this video...? :|

  • S S
    S S 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    hey pewds. I know you probably get these kind of comments all the time and you probably will never see this but I just wanted to comment and say that I have been watching your videos since I was 8 years old and even tho through Time I have come on and off of youtube I have loved watching the growth you have achieved and all the different periods you've gone through and it has been so amazing watching you be so yourself through all of it. im rambling and I have absolutely no idea what im saying really but im proud of you and all that you have achieved and I want to thank you for being somewhere I can go to ignore all the bad shit around me and just go into this world of whatever the hell you've got planned this time. love you. and thank you.

  • Nick Morgan
    Nick Morgan 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Why does Fiverr have their heads 6000 miles up their ass? I used to think they were a cool good thing but everything I've seen about them lately makes me realize how incompetent and destructive of a thing they are. Whoever the people that are running it are really need to not be running it if they keep making such obviously bad decisions which shows how out of touch they are about their company and the modern world we live in.

  • SuperShinyScolipede
    SuperShinyScolipede 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Shoutout to jim on the ralph retort, Sweetie squad reporting in lmao

  • ะะดะพะปัŒั„
    ะะดะพะปัŒั„ 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    ะฅะพั‡ัƒ ััƒะฑั‚ะธั‚ั€ั‹

  • OliOliOxenFree
    OliOliOxenFree 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    7:43 you said doo doo

  • Citlali Hernandez
    Citlali Hernandez 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +16

    I think it's very sweet that Pewdiepie spoke up about Marzia quitting YT and pointing out how different media outlets tried to manipulate her reasons to fit their narrative. Also appreciate how he clarifies that sometimes people want to quit/move on from things, not because they're burnt out or because of a specific event, but just because they want to pursue something different and commit their attention to it 100%

  • Rebekah Navarro
    Rebekah Navarro 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I wish Marzia all the best in whatever she chooses to do next. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  • Minivan il furgone migliore
    Minivan il furgone migliore 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    The way

  • The Drizzle 404
    The Drizzle 404 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    >Help That guy, he's drowning!
    "Here, take this life preserver! Also I hate Jews!"
    >No, you can't give him that life preserver. I'm happy to let him drown on my behalf. I'm so virtuous.

  • Holalia
    Holalia 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    she did ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • shc0la
    shc0la 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    to all the frenchs thef4ntasion974 quitted youtube about a month ago even so yeah not the first time...

  • desroth
    desroth 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    The fix for super chat is GEclip should take their 30% cut and send it to charity, not 100% of the money donated through the offending chat...

  • Bash Jp
    Bash Jp 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1


  • Bash Jp
    Bash Jp 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Pew pie die!!!

  • Aline Santos
    Aline Santos 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    extremely bothered about how many ads i saw in pewds video, but then i was schocked when i noticed that this was actually the 1st time. hahaha

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    pewdiepie, why havent you created your own video/streaming site? you could probably get the backers to help fund the site, and there is a massive need for a site where people can whatever they want in their videos and make whatever videos they want.

    i am tired of youtube, it is becoming cable tv. this is the fucking internet...

  • Arsena
    Arsena 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    pewnews is copying drama alert

  • ๅฐๅฐๅˆ†ไธHebe ็š„
    ๅฐๅฐๅˆ†ไธHebe ็š„ 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    T series hated not because of their content, but them almost overtaking pewdiepie's subscriber count. Lol... like seriously nine year olds get a new brain. Its like hating your favorite Mr. Bean just because of this bullshit drama.

  • Harold Petiluna
    Harold Petiluna 2 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    So peolle say politics makes everything modern...
    Well the progression of politics has regressed society big time now a days,
    Just cut the crud libtards

  • Hunter Hardin
    Hunter Hardin 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    People need to stop being pussies, no matter what is said its words, words over the internet!

  • Not_ Gabriel
    Not_ Gabriel 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    T series
    They succ
    They attacc PewDiePie
    But mostly,

    They have a T on their Bacc

  • Nilesh Chakravarty
    Nilesh Chakravarty 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    Damn this show is becoming serious

  • Story Time Girl
    Story Time Girl 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    WTF! it's a PewDiePie video but I got 3 Grammarly ads, I"m confused

  • Prajwal Basnet
    Prajwal Basnet 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Motherfucker put ads in the start and end

    CRISTINE KIM 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Freesider
    Freesider 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    thanks to you, Pete gain 400k in a week

  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I love whoever does these captions

  • Unicorns Animationโ€™s
    Unicorns Animationโ€™s 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ


  • Gideon U
    Gideon U 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Do I hear class action lawsuit?
    Also who watches buzzfeed?

  • AlohaLexi
    AlohaLexi 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Wait are they still dating

  • Sonny Yrurzun
    Sonny Yrurzun 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Voiceover Pete reminds me of Saul Goodman.

  • StroodlezAndDoodles
    StroodlezAndDoodles 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    โ€œPete is my dadโ€

    Odd flex, but okay..

  • Uziel Hernandez
    Uziel Hernandez 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    you pOpEd out of existence

  • Ori6in Editor
    Ori6in Editor 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Joji has the best quitting video, change my mind

  • Niki Radio
    Niki Radio 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    Lets rock master chief ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Osama Alali
    Osama Alali 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ +1

    I cant even imagine how they think... i mean GEclip...not GEcliprs... anyway..this all sad.. and made me angry... we have to unite as one super bro... come on

  • PigmarDengar
    PigmarDengar 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    I dont get it, the people donate the bad comments end up getting what they want. I'm assuming the donation still shows up on stream and they also get their money back after? AND the money doesnt go to research. lose lose lose...

  • Jonathan Lopes
    Jonathan Lopes 3 แƒ“แƒฆแƒ˜แƒก แƒฌแƒ˜แƒœ

    His son is dying lmaoo