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  • sydsogood
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    Okay, so let’s pretend I’m not the biggest idiot in the world that didn’t put two and two together. Since filming this morning, it’s been confirmed that the Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel following what the heck happened to Jesse Pinkman (if you go into the article linked in the episode). I am STOKED, mostly because I trust Vince Galligan.
    How do you feel about a sequel?

    • Tobias Rosenstrøm
      Tobias Rosenstrøm თვის წინ

      The Cape your lucky. Wish i could watch it over again

    • dreagnore
      dreagnore თვის წინ

      Hey Sidnee, love your delivery, just a suggestion use a Yo-Yo with roll the thing

    • Apple Boy 2318
      Apple Boy 2318 თვის წინ

      Love it

    • jazy921
      jazy921 თვის წინ

      +Manuel da Costa But "putting two and two together" is a figure of speech

    • BatemanNY
      BatemanNY თვის წინ +1

      I want you, I need you!

  • Yassin Mziya
    Yassin Mziya 27 დღის წინ

    Who else clicked for Porter?

  • axe693axe
    axe693axe თვის წინ

    Fashion Choice 10/10 IGN

  • anas ahmad
    anas ahmad თვის წინ

    Wait the bb finale was divisive? Lol you sure?

  • Thio Joe
    Thio Joe თვის წინ

    I would goodman her sydnee anytime😂😂

  • Peter Vialva
    Peter Vialva თვის წინ

    You know why I'm here

  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials თვის წინ

    Porter Robinson makes music that brings tears to my eyes.

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore თვის წინ

    just let it end how it ended no need to ruin in with a movie

  • KevWebsz
    KevWebsz თვის წინ

    I can actually focus

  • Daxter Cage
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    I love to go Australia because there’s SYNDEY

  • OfficialViceGrip
    OfficialViceGrip თვის წინ

    "Finale was divisive"... uhhhhhhhh wat

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne თვის წინ

    Breaking bad and better call Saul are both top tier shows and I always wondered what happened Jesse and Saul goodman other than him working at a cinnabon.

  • T Sama
    T Sama თვის წინ

    A sequel about Jesse?! Dude its gonna be awesome!

  • Motivation Insider
    Motivation Insider თვის წინ

    Stoping quoting things that aren't true. Its never too late and we would all be very happy.

  • Joespn
    Joespn თვის წინ +1

    Excited about the movie!😁

  • miiki.57
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    Sydnee Goodman... such a pretty name, rly! fits her so nicely :) I like her as a host the most since Jessica. Go giiirl 💪 💜

  • Ramon Lopez
    Ramon Lopez თვის წინ +1

    Who else loves her

  • Jake Filmfreak
    Jake Filmfreak თვის წინ

    The hosts name is s.goodman

  • Christopher .Cruse
    Christopher .Cruse თვის წინ

    Better Call Saul is doing great so we have reason to believe it’ll be great. Curious to see how or if it’ll play into it in some way.

  • Crono Trigger
    Crono Trigger თვის წინ

    Can I please get a list of everything I'm supposed to be offended by? I'm having trouble keeping track.

  • Xavier Cloud
    Xavier Cloud თვის წინ

    Never too late!

  • JohnK Ritchey
    JohnK Ritchey თვის წინ

    with crop top 70k views; fully clothed 18k views LOL

  • cshunmugam89
    cshunmugam89 თვის წინ

    Yes it's too late and yes it will ruin things. The show ended well it doesn't need a movie🙏. You looking super cool today 🤗 and by the way you could do a video on anything and I would still like it cause your voice is easy listening like smooth jazz.

  • varkin7
    varkin7 თვის წინ

    I don't like saying Goodman, since you're a woman it should be Goodwoman, but I don't make the rules of naming lol anyway, for me you are Sidney Goodwoman 😊

  • Dgripper
    Dgripper თვის წინ +1

    Wtf the world is so strange, got Nintendo removing a damn feather

  • calvin corniel
    calvin corniel თვის წინ

    Hell no Is not late, I love that show.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown თვის წინ

    Wait. They're actually making a movie?

  • Brendan Thompson
    Brendan Thompson თვის წინ

    Honestly I don’t care about anything breaking bad unless Walter White is in it. He’s the main character. Like I can’t even watch better call Saul because of this reason. It’s dry and boring to me.

  • Cally _
    Cally _ თვის წინ +1

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  • revistinha1
    revistinha1 თვის წინ

    YES! Come up with new ideas Hollywood!!!

  • Peter Pan
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  • Mushroom Head
    Mushroom Head თვის წინ


  • Kanista17
    Kanista17 თვის წინ

    It's just a bloodborne easter egg, nothing to get hyped over. Get hyped for Sekiro, the settings may differ but the gameplay is close to bloodbornes and Fromsoft for sure delivers on the rest of the game.

    PARADOXICLES თვის წინ

    really? people are crying about a feather?....... if thats a problem for you, you should save your self the trouble, and just kill yourself now because you wont survive when a REAL problem happens.

  • SofaKingSteezy
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  • Tom Welfringer
    Tom Welfringer თვის წინ


  • Deepak kumar singh
    Deepak kumar singh თვის წინ

    Wardrobe nerfed

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja თვის წინ

    It isn't going to do as well as it would've done had it happened years ago

  • Vergel Velasquez
    Vergel Velasquez თვის წინ

    Please staph!!!

  • Game Master
    Game Master თვის წინ

    I don't think it's that late for the Breaking Bad movie but,since I don't care for it. I won't watch it.
    I don't understand the controversy against that since it's just a flat character. It's not like it has a certain skin color or whatever.
    It's just a Stick-Man people.... A "Mr. Game and Watch" to be more precise.
    (Sorry if I don't really understand it but,it just doesn't make any since to me.)

    • Juice Moose
      Juice Moose თვის წინ

      Game Master you wouldn’t care for a Breaking Bad movie?
      Did you even watch the show?

  • RJMM
    RJMM თვის წინ +1

    Missing her twins...

  • Novad selir
    Novad selir თვის წინ

    Seems way too late to me

  • Emmanuel Alcala
    Emmanuel Alcala თვის წინ

    Te amo

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe თვის წინ

    Overrated series.

  • Green Goblin
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  • Agrenost
    Agrenost თვის წინ

    So what.... Syd puts a shirt on and all the thirsty boys just disappear? This comment section is boring today.

  • CountThrobula
    CountThrobula თვის წინ

    I'm hoping that it's not a Breaking Bad movie. The whole series was perfect, and so was the ending.

  • Jimboola
    Jimboola თვის წინ +2

    Dull news day huh? 🤔

  • ad1das41
    ad1das41 თვის წინ

    Bloodborne dos would be nice

  • luther Nelson
    luther Nelson თვის წინ

    Trust me .... it's never late.

  • James Callahan
    James Callahan თვის წინ


  • Booger Wolf
    Booger Wolf თვის წინ

    Never seen it.

  • wrestling lovers like me
    wrestling lovers like me თვის წინ


  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez თვის წინ +4

    "Is it too late for micro transactions?" - Activision

  • Josh Eckerman
    Josh Eckerman თვის წინ

    (cut to Jesse racing back to the neo nazis lab, Walter White preparing to die)
    Jesse: Mr. White! Mr. White! (shaking him awake)
    Walt: Whaaaa!
    Jesse: Mr. Write relax, it's me! It's Jesse!
    Walt: It can't be! I just freed you, I set you free!
    Jesse: Oh I know you did free me. But I'm back, I'm back.
    Walt: Great Scott!

  • Josh Eckerman
    Josh Eckerman თვის წინ

    (cut to Jesse racing back to the neo nazis lab, Walter White preparing to die)
    Jesse: Mr. White! Mr. White! (shaking him awake)
    Walt: Whaaaa!
    Jesse: Mr. Write relax, it's me! It's Jesse!
    Walt: It can't be! I just freed you, I set you free!
    Jesse: Oh I know you did free me. But I'm back, I'm back.
    Walt: Great Scott!

  • xZer0DarkThirty x
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  • The Third Hokanye
    The Third Hokanye თვის წინ

    Walter White is Dead! 🦀🦀🦀

  • Garl Vinland
    Garl Vinland თვის წინ

    Bloodborne 2!! Thank you sydnee

  • Richard C
    Richard C თვის წინ

    Jessie Pinkman movie!

  • gaming for gaming sake
    gaming for gaming sake თვის წინ

    Not as late as for Avatar sequels...

  • Jesse Quest
    Jesse Quest თვის წინ

    No !!!! Leave it alone lol

  • PlagueDctr
    PlagueDctr თვის წინ +2

    It's beyond too late for another Avatar movie.

    • Ian Cawley
      Ian Cawley თვის წინ

      Too right Avatar 2 would be the film equivalent of Chinese democracy by guns n Roses or Duke nukem forever

  • Aderemi Porsche
    Aderemi Porsche თვის წინ

    I like your shirt and jacket.

  • JoSe LoBo
    JoSe LoBo თვის წინ

    This show is so overrated, better than most but definitely not the best of all time. That title belongs to The Sopranos Imo.

  • Bone
    Bone თვის წინ +2

    Better late than never.

  • Rich bound
    Rich bound თვის წინ

    As long as its the same writers and cast

  • trodat07
    trodat07 თვის წინ

    "Too much hours gaming, not time to groom" look

  • Rodney Hill
    Rodney Hill თვის წინ

    2008 was a long time ago

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney თვის წინ

    the show was so great. why ever have a chance of ruining it?

  • Josh Buckley
    Josh Buckley თვის წინ +10

    Porter Robinson!

  • GrayWoIf
    GrayWoIf თვის წინ

    hmm will we see what happens to Saul in the post cinabon timeline

  • Jason Karger
    Jason Karger თვის წინ

    AMC is very smart, they will possibly start the trend of movies airing on tv. ( 3 walking dead movies now this too)

  • the Starrunner
    the Starrunner თვის წინ

    is it too late to start breaking bad?

  • your favourite
    your favourite თვის წინ +3

    Why am I having to look up said 'controversial' image of Mr Game & Watch myself. You're doing a piece about a certain story without actually showing the relevant information

  • ᔕЩОЯD aиd ᕈLAИЄT
    ᔕЩОЯD aиd ᕈLAИЄT თვის წინ

    better call syd

  • GiraffeRawr
    GiraffeRawr თვის წინ +3


  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates თვის წინ

    Yes a Breaking Bad Movie!!!!!!

  • PunxsutawneyDave
    PunxsutawneyDave თვის წინ +11

    Fans: Who the hell are you?
    Syd: I'm the host. I'm the one who tells them to roll the thing.
    Syd: That's right. Now say my name.
    Fans(quietly): Goodman.
    Syd: You're gd right.

    sorry for this...I haven't had a lot of sleep lately.

  • Brother Dave
    Brother Dave თვის წინ

    That wink tho!

  • Ink Bass
    Ink Bass თვის წინ

    Wtf is happening?!

  • Rogelio Perea
    Rogelio Perea თვის წინ +25

    The finale was divisive?? In what universe lol. Maybe a few people weren’t satisfied but divisive???

    • bigpimpdaddy69
      bigpimpdaddy69 თვის წინ

      Felina received widespread universal acclaim from critics and hailed by many as one of the greatest series finales of all time, was the most watched Breaking Bad episode, and the most discussed episode on Twitter for the week with a 9.9 rating on IMDb. Sounds like she intended to offer up a counter opinion to defend not wanting to see a Breaking Bad movie.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman თვის წინ

    Please don't

  • James Bell
    James Bell თვის წინ

    My ONLY faith in this movie would be if Vince Gilligan was directing. If not then it’s a horrible idea.

    • Sandro Vazquez
      Sandro Vazquez თვის წინ

      You know who should direct this? Rian Johnson. He was behind all the best episodes of Breaking Bad and it would be a great fit.

  • anyaw kheng
    anyaw kheng თვის წინ


  • Everclean
    Everclean თვის წინ +27

    So now we get offended because of a feather on black silhouette?! 🤦🏼‍♂️ This world is a joke!

    • Shannon Shifflett
      Shannon Shifflett თვის წინ +1

      +jazy921 You mean devolution? ;)

    • jazy921
      jazy921 თვის წინ +2

      Everclean imo it's evolution, we all woke up one day and decided to be triggered/butthurt people

    • anjelgiofu
      anjelgiofu თვის წინ +1

      A feather? My gods, this is such a heinous act. All of Nintendo ought to commit sudoku.

    • HanuNL
      HanuNL თვის წინ +2

      I identify myself as a feather and I am offended by the removal

  • Elliot Solomon
    Elliot Solomon თვის წინ

    It's never too late for blue.

  • SoteloMGGames
    SoteloMGGames თვის წინ

    Heisenberg 🎩

  • Vann Green
    Vann Green თვის წინ

    That show died just as fast as red dead 2 did.

  • 2nd Player Gaming
    2nd Player Gaming თვის წინ

    No? Wtf. A Breaking Bad movie would be just as welcome 20 years from now. Stop asking dumb questions. STOP IT

  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson თვის წინ

    Is it to late to do something that is out of date and is more a classic relic ....

  • Gabriel Roque
    Gabriel Roque თვის წინ

    I love that show sooooo much

  • Fallen2Rise
    Fallen2Rise თვის წინ

    It’s over. No movie needed

  • sunsbookishgamesx
    sunsbookishgamesx თვის წინ +67

    No way it's never too late

  • The Brice Plays
    The Brice Plays თვის წინ

    I say its too late
    Maybe after "Better Call Saul" ends

  • LispyLeaf
    LispyLeaf თვის წინ

    your channel is awesome💚

  • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
    Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown თვის წინ

    Never to late for anything Breaking Bad. Also I'm a little sad that I can't get Bloodborne 2

  • David Rattigan
    David Rattigan თვის წინ +17

    0:16 "Shrek Reboot In Works" with photo of Bryan Cranston

    • Carl the Llama
      Carl the Llama თვის წინ


  • Shane Aycock
    Shane Aycock თვის წინ

    If there are auditions open, i'd take a crack at it.

  • kalefu
    kalefu თვის წინ

    Question should be is there a need for one?
    Don’t want to be judgemental but it sounds to me like nothing more than cashing in on amazing series.
    Hope I’m wrong as I was with Better Call Saul 😉👌