Ghostbusters World: Story Mode Gameplay - IGN Plays Live


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  • Libran Divo
    Libran Divo თვის წინ

    Yeah, you look bored. Nice try though. 👍 😂

  • HunterGamer 360
    HunterGamer 360 თვის წინ

    🤢 oh sh1t story mode is vomit

  • bpowick
    bpowick თვის წინ

    This was quite honestly one of the most pointless gameplay videos I’ve ever seen.

  • Isucc
    Isucc თვის წინ

    a woman and some gameplay on the left side

  • multiple retro-new Gamer
    multiple retro-new Gamer თვის წინ


  • Mason Frost
    Mason Frost თვის წინ


  • Oliver Bellwood
    Oliver Bellwood თვის წინ +1

    So what do you know....Its just as mind-numbingly shite to watch, as it was to read about....

  • Jackson Otto
    Jackson Otto თვის წინ

    MOTHERFREAKIN GAMEPLAY. Game of the year 2020.

  • Cody Boillot
    Cody Boillot თვის წინ +1

    What is the point of this video? Lol

  • Fabio Alves Show
    Fabio Alves Show თვის წინ

    So painful to watch

  • bakasora
    bakasora თვის წინ

    Of course it's a mobile game.

  • A.
    A. თვის წინ

    Ign is just going from bad to worse...

  • Nikojim_PR
    Nikojim_PR თვის წინ

    Played half threw tutorial and uninstalled Graphics are horrible and AR dosent look amy better

  • Nafyo toons
    Nafyo toons თვის წინ

    Did you just tasted your own ear wax?

  • || Jaay Dee
    || Jaay Dee თვის წინ

    2:23 nice yawn save, fun game lol

  • Movie Mondays
    Movie Mondays თვის წინ

    That game looks crap

  • Adgs Hghv
    Adgs Hghv თვის წინ

    I was hoping she accidentally cut her ear off

  • Enkeria
    Enkeria თვის წინ

    Hope you can change the small images into bigger ones, so kids with all kinds of eye-sights can enjoy this. And adults.. I guess.

  • Anthony Ashworth
    Anthony Ashworth თვის წინ +4

    How to make a game look like a lifeless load of crap...

  • MutantAli3n
    MutantAli3n თვის წინ

    I wanna catch the girl

  • Wolverine Scratch
    Wolverine Scratch თვის წინ +6

    IGN we know she's fine but we couldn't see the screen properly

  • TreasureBoxReviews
    TreasureBoxReviews თვის წინ +5

    Looks about as entertaining as the reboot.

  • Doug Kelly
    Doug Kelly თვის წინ +2

    This is one of the most pathetic ign videos yet and that’s saying a lot

  • Papa Frames
    Papa Frames თვის წინ +1

    We dont want more games like this

  • sayresy Devino
    sayresy Devino თვის წინ +1

    Brand new all time video LOW..

  • Toby Rogers
    Toby Rogers თვის წინ

    This video is like watching paint dry. Next time press the x2 button to make it go/finish faster

  • Fahri Akalin
    Fahri Akalin თვის წინ +28

    well this looks like the exact opposite of fun

  • Smell My Cheese!
    Smell My Cheese! თვის წინ +1

    I thought you were supposed to walk the streets with your camera out like Pokemon go but you'd see and bust ghosts. Pick fearsome flush..I had that action figure.

  • sniperkain
    sniperkain თვის წინ +30

    if you are just gonna put the game on auto and chill,whats the point of playing it at all?

  • Notjohn Macain
    Notjohn Macain თვის წინ +1

    Oh look at that 45/45 in the corner and the rarity of stuff and the level ups. This seems like absolute trash

  • Guala Nejo
    Guala Nejo თვის წინ +39

    why 50% of the screen is her face instead of the game?

    • Metalpug79
      Metalpug79 თვის წინ +2

      The game is in portrait mode... how exactly would you make the game bigger than it already is? It already touches the top and the bottom of the video screen.. it can’t be any bigger than they have it...

  • Tacobellraider
    Tacobellraider თვის წინ +1

    Was so hype for it but so disappointed in the direction they went with this game

  • Do It Like Me
    Do It Like Me თვის წინ

    Whats tha point of an auto game? Lame AF FR

  • Xynthoan Guol
    Xynthoan Guol თვის წინ +9

    Wow, this team is *baller.*

  • Ruben Valenzuela
    Ruben Valenzuela თვის წინ +13

    This is bad lol

  • LispyLeaf
    LispyLeaf თვის წინ

    Great video friend💜

  • Aljohn Campos
    Aljohn Campos თვის წინ +14

    Pokémon Go but with more features

  • Sir doge
    Sir doge თვის წინ

    Another turd on the name of this franchise. Can the Ghostbusters franchise catch a break?

  • blkacid
    blkacid თვის წინ +30

    Don’t make a video Ike that again. That was awful.

  • Brainy
    Brainy თვის წინ

    Brother Blood?

  • no never
    no never თვის წინ

    early i think

  • Nathan johnson
    Nathan johnson თვის წინ +1


  • Delta Scourge
    Delta Scourge თვის წინ +4

    I don't have a phone, I think i'm already playing this game wrong

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name თვის წინ

    Spirits GO

  • Cype
    Cype თვის წინ

    9seconds ago xd

  • PsychoPapi
    PsychoPapi თვის წინ +1

    And third

  • PsychoPapi
    PsychoPapi თვის წინ +1


  • PsychoPapi
    PsychoPapi თვის წინ +1