Fallout 4 vs. Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Visual Comparison


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  • ZenIceHero
    ZenIceHero 2 დღის წინ

    Fallout 4 is better in every aspect when compared to Fallout 76

  • Phil Tron
    Phil Tron 13 დღის წინ

    Hey guys if you like Fo76, thats okay, and if you do not, that is okay too!

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons 27 დღის წინ

    An actual polished turd, now I've seen everything.

  • thejordanstv
    thejordanstv 28 დღის წინ

    It's like what Bethesda did with elder Scrolls online, multiplayer action over the graphics

  • Pasqualino Cheatterino
    Pasqualino Cheatterino 29 დღის წინ

    video that compares a game in 4k on pc (fallout 4) against a game on xbox (fallout 76)...
    You're just ridiculous..

  • Louis Aquilina
    Louis Aquilina 29 დღის წინ

    Everyone saying that Fallout 4 has better graphics but it's amazing how Fallout 76 can retain these Graphics considering it's a multiplayer experience. Plus it's in beta so all these Graphics are not final. And also Hardware plays a key role in all of this mess. So I look forward to Fallout 76 not going to pre-order but bethesda's approach on being brutally honest on their Twitter page about telling their customers to expect problems on day one with their game really shows just how much needs to be worked.

  • *DragonBlaze*
    *DragonBlaze* 29 დღის წინ

    Paused at 0:22 for FO 4 vs 76 graphics comparisons.

  • Eternal Soul
    Eternal Soul 29 დღის წინ +1

    Stop saying that Fallout 4 looks better. Fallout 76 looks better, and you know it.

  • goat llama
    goat llama 29 დღის წინ


  • ulises carrillo
    ulises carrillo თვის წინ

    In stead of buying it ill play miami mod

  • Kendall Tennyson
    Kendall Tennyson თვის წინ

    You should compare the frame rates

  • Narlem
    Narlem თვის წინ

    Soo... they're doing to Fallout 4 with 76 what they essentially did to Skyrim with ESO?

  • Plajör
    Plajör თვის წინ +2

    Fallout 4 still better.

  • Chucklz
    Chucklz თვის წინ

    The Megaton mushroom cloud in Fallout 3 looks better than the one in Fallout 76

  • skyler payne
    skyler payne თვის წინ

    When Morrowind came out fans complained about it being a "dumbed down console game" since it was also released on the original Xbox.
    When Oblivion came out fans complained about the voice acting cutting out dialogue.
    When Fallout 3 came out fans complained it was just a dumb re-skin of Oblivion.
    When Skyrim came out fans complained that it was too actiony compared to previous Elder Scrolls.
    Then Fallout 4 came out... and again fans complained.
    Yet, every single one of those games are very well beloved.
    I swear, gamers are some of the biggest crybabies.
    Pretty soon IGN articles are going to be titled: "Bethesda teases new game, fans tease new complaint."

  • Jordan Dixon
    Jordan Dixon თვის წინ

    hopefully 76 gets some high resolution dlcs and updates...

  • mnanorn
    mnanorn თვის წინ

    So, what? Standalone game at highest settings is better than online RPG / shooter? This obvious thing wanted to show?

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel თვის წინ

    After playing Red Dead Redemption 2 the graphics for Fallout look terrible. It looks more like a last gen remaster than something that was made for this generations hardware.

  • syph365
    syph365 თვის წინ

    Nothing to see here. Just a fresh coat of lipstick on the same tired old pig.

  • Kuky
    Kuky თვის წინ

    Make 20sec outro if you already adding end cards IGN. come on those end cards cover half of video.

  • Asian Import
    Asian Import თვის წინ

    I played the beta for 2 hours and literally all the questing involved me sifting through computers to find dumb quests like “find out what happened to this guy” and “find this person’s records”. What’s the point of taking out npc’s if I’m just gonna be figuring out how they died the entire time?

  • Jeramiah Dempsey
    Jeramiah Dempsey თვის წინ

    Could you perhaps show the female side of the games. I just wanna
    See a side by side of fallout 4 Nora vs fallout 76 Nora. I don't think I've ever played a male character is all...

  • FAT RAT127
    FAT RAT127 თვის წინ

    Why are you comparing the game now?? Why don't you just wait till it launches so we can see want its like on launch not in the beta, btw someone else did a much better comparison in greater detail

  • Neon Boy
    Neon Boy თვის წინ

    Don’t forget we don’t have ps5

    • Neon Boy
      Neon Boy თვის წინ

      Btw fallout 76 is in beta

    • Neon Boy
      Neon Boy თვის წინ

      If we did the game will look better

  • Hero Highlights
    Hero Highlights თვის წინ

    4 is better

  • Lisa P
    Lisa P თვის წინ

    Can't tell the difference

  • Ziggy Padackles
    Ziggy Padackles თვის წინ

    You've all been conned lmao

  • Justin McDermott
    Justin McDermott თვის წინ +1


  • Lost Playa
    Lost Playa თვის წინ

    Smh New Vegas looked better

  • epicmaster
    epicmaster თვის წინ

    Guys, its the same... they just tweak the sharers a little, but rendering quality wise its basically the same.

  • Bozzik
    Bozzik თვის წინ

    console ahahhaah
    do some serious benches on PC and then you can call it a real "comparison"

  • Graphic .J
    Graphic .J თვის წინ +1

    I also did a quick comparison vid of Nukes, I gotta say that the old Fallouts did the Explosion much better.

  • Johnathan Santoni
    Johnathan Santoni თვის წინ

    looks the same

  • Contact Info
    Contact Info თვის წინ

    I prefer Fallout 3's " almost monochrome" colors

  • Neo Rood
    Neo Rood თვის წინ +2

    Looks worse the F4 lmao

  • Ezequiel Hernandez
    Ezequiel Hernandez თვის წინ

    Key word: BETA

  • Lunar Nobis Provident
    Lunar Nobis Provident თვის წინ

    This game looks worse that F4. Jesus!

  • Eric •
    Eric • თვის წინ

    Greedy greedy Bethy enjoying that milk.

  • Ashton Thomas
    Ashton Thomas თვის წინ

    Fallout 76 is fallout 4 with graphic mods and no story

  • dve par
    dve par თვის წინ

    I personally can’t wait to solo play and base build 😍

  • wait what okay
    wait what okay თვის წინ

    what? a bethesda game looks like a 360 and ps3 title still? im sooooooooo shocked

  • CantThinkOfAName 21
    CantThinkOfAName 21 თვის წინ

    Lol older game looks better than new game

  • LF Drumming
    LF Drumming თვის წინ

    Why did they spend time on this and not just focus on the next Elder Scrolls.

  • JeeNiNe Media
    JeeNiNe Media თვის წინ +1

    My modded Fallout 4 shits on these graphics

  • MitchCyanFilms
    MitchCyanFilms თვის წინ

    Black and White isn’t it.

  • katsupoi
    katsupoi თვის წინ +1

    wait does the game even have melee executions and death executions

  • Liam's Films
    Liam's Films თვის წინ

    youtube compression made this pointless

  • Ubergamer
    Ubergamer თვის წინ +1

    The ones who really like the idea of "Fallout Online" would have fun with 76.
    I'm not one of them though 😎

  • Ulisses Amaral Diniz
    Ulisses Amaral Diniz თვის წინ

    Is it agent Ray Nedeem from Daredevil seasson 3?

  • MoFi
    MoFi თვის წინ +10

    Why does fallout 4 look slightly better?

    • Matthew Claude
      Matthew Claude თვის წინ +1

      Have to keep the load on the online servers lower. So they cut corners where they can.

    • Contact Info
      Contact Info თვის წინ +2

      More memory in single player, more time invested.

  • Ognjen Filipovic
    Ognjen Filipovic თვის წინ +1

    As i said Fallout 76 is poor version of Fallout 4

  • Kanoshem
    Kanoshem თვის წინ

    I'd say Fallout 4 looks better but 76 has better lighting

  • d0gtowN29
    d0gtowN29 თვის წინ

    Failout 76 ps1 graphics c'mon bethesda!!!

  • Omega
    Omega თვის წინ


  • Mr. Fox
    Mr. Fox თვის წინ

    It's silly to compare offline game vs online game graphics. Offline games will always look better because of how offline and online games work....

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson თვის წინ

    I cant wait to play this game on the xbox one x, since it will be the best console to play this game on.

    RED MΛXIMUS თვის წინ

    Remember kids, it is just a BETA

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton თვის წინ

      The Beta is for discovering glitches befor it is released to the public. The graphics are here to stay until they release a future update that is mostlikely not coming any time next week.

  • Pontiac GTO
    Pontiac GTO თვის წინ

    Game degradation.

  • DeeJay Smoov
    DeeJay Smoov თვის წინ

    Funnily enough Fallout 4 looks better!

  • Neptux
    Neptux თვის წინ +1

    I wanna be Winston.

  • BenGamer
    BenGamer თვის წინ

    I just don’t get how they use the exact same customization. Like cmon.

  • [OCB]
    [OCB] თვის წინ

    Forget the graphics. The story is 100x more important. Fallout 4 had a linear story with few actual choices (for an "RPG") while Fallout 76 has no story. These are dark times.

    • [OCB]
      [OCB] თვის წინ

      +Kollin Seaton Everyone I know who was interested in this lost interest. So probably not :/

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton თვის წინ

      They seem to have traded out story for multiplayer activity. If you do not like multiplayer or don't have any friends willing to play with you that is one thing, but you can't say that story is the most important thing in a multiplayer game. Although Fallout 76 has little to no story. I will give you that.

  • imreallytired
    imreallytired თვის წინ

    Thats Like comparing Elder scrolls online to skyrim

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton თვის წინ

      Not at all really. They weren't even made by the same people and did not use the same engine...

  • Phantom thief
    Phantom thief თვის წინ +9

    Fallout 4 is a game made with love and passion. It's got a lot of problems but it's a highly enjoyable game
    Fallout 76 is a game born out of desperation after seeing the trends going on in the video game market

  • Driftar
    Driftar თვის წინ +1

    I guess the character models look slightly better everything else looks mostly the same

  • Zły Maciek
    Zły Maciek თვის წინ +1

    Comparing graphics in 1080p in almost 2019 knowing that YT is scrwing up a quality... Thanks.
    F4 all the way btw

  • Nqobani Nhlengethwa
    Nqobani Nhlengethwa თვის წინ

    Kinda thought fallout 76 was fallout v4.1, but its more like fallout v3.9. edit:RdR2 makes all fallout games look like fortnite *graphically*

  • CruzerHD
    CruzerHD თვის წინ

    Why would you compare a beta version of a game versus a full version of a game that's been out 4 years ago ...
    fallout 76 is about to drop in a week, can't you just wait ?

    Pointless video asf ...

    • CruzerHD
      CruzerHD თვის წინ

      +Kollin Seaton As if fallout 4 doesn't have glitches ...

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton თვის წინ

      I would see your point, but the beta is just to test for glitches and to get feedback. The graphics will not change in a week.

  • Mr Realms
    Mr Realms თვის წინ

    If u don't have a 4k device there's zero point watching it lol cus fallout 76 is far better

  • Jaymz X
    Jaymz X თვის წინ

    Same engine, samey graphics.

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf თვის წინ

    Fallout76 more like downgradeout 4


    They are all going for this cartoony look these days, hate it, used to be about photo realism.

  • bartowski
    bartowski თვის წინ

    0:12 Enough said

  • Woria P.
    Woria P. თვის წინ

    Polished turd is still a turd. FFS change the game engine!

  • Arvin Buenaagua
    Arvin Buenaagua თვის წინ

    That river can be found in the uncanny valley.

  • Swamp Thing
    Swamp Thing თვის წინ

    Even without the best graphics and bad dialogue system Fallout 4 is still a superior game compared to 76. Not the best Fallout game 4 is but a great game overall

  • Prey Interactive
    Prey Interactive თვის წინ

    No female characters??

  • ygalion
    ygalion თვის წინ

    I was waiting coop Bethesda game since skyrim, but is this some off season Aprils fools joke?

  • leonardo Jimenez
    leonardo Jimenez თვის წინ

    If your the comment section expecting to see rational criticism of the graphics or game then your mistaking. Fallout 76 looks about the same, in come cases it looks better and other cases it looks worst. This is an online game after all, Graphic would have to be lowered in parts of the map to allow this. To me fallout 76 as a scenic perspective looks alot better, has more foliage, alot more detail than fallout 4. I've seen alot of detail in the world while playing the beta, it was definitely not what I was expecting. Just expected fallout 4 with lower graphics with online, but I was happily surprised. Again I'm not saying the graphics are better but it is very close between games, but the detail of the map is definitely better like lighting, foliage, shadows, and definitely a way more realistic first person view experience with the way that the background blurs when your focusing on something, it's a nice touch.

  • CloudUniverse
    CloudUniverse თვის წინ +5

    Don't people understand the whole point was to create a Fallout 4 game, but WITH multiplayer functionality? Cause people had always asked about it in their games with Skyrim and Fallout 4 and they delivered but in their own way. The whole reason it doesn't look much different from Fallout 4 was because they literally just wanted to create a multiplayer fallout and not a completely different game from the ground up.

    • snow drifter
      snow drifter 28 დღის წინ

      Then put it as a dlc for a tenner to charge 60 pound for it is daylight robbery and a pure cash grab.

    • Marrick Hill
      Marrick Hill თვის წინ +1

      Ok, let's see how much they charge for the same game only multiplayer. Without the story. Or mod support yet. Or decent VATS. Or npcs of any kind. Or decent pvp. Or more than 4 in a party. Btw, when did fallout 4 come out? And weren't people complaining that it was too similar to skyrim? When did skyrim come out?
      I think I've made my point.

    • Kollin Seaton
      Kollin Seaton თვის წინ +1

      +Alex Cameron It is not a mod for Fallout 4. This game is nothing like fallout 4. No Npcs no main quest. Just a test to see if they could do multiplayer. It should be 30 dollars at most.

    • Alex Cameron
      Alex Cameron თვის წინ +2

      Should be it be a full price release in that case though? Being as it’s essentially just a mod for fallout 4


    Fallout 76 looks like a 2nd version of fallout 4..I must say I am disappointed..

  • Angelo
    Angelo თვის წინ

    looks like 76 was made before 4

  • Atrium
    Atrium თვის წინ

    Read Dead 2 makes this look like pure laziness.

  • JMitchzzzz
    JMitchzzzz თვის წინ

    I can't believe their charging full price for this soulless crap that is fallout 76.. Truly incredible Bethesda, yall r a joke just to get a quick cash grab smh

  • Dragon Furry
    Dragon Furry თვის წინ


  • MrEzjabba
    MrEzjabba თვის წინ

    They better use a new engine for the next fallout cause this is trash

  • Breezy T
    Breezy T თვის წინ

    *Yeah that's what happens when you reuse a 7 year old engine!* Cheap losers. Creation engine was behind its time when Fallout 4 launched 3 years ago

  • CowboyBebopfan1
    CowboyBebopfan1 თვის წინ

    Red dead online > fallout 76

  • Eman Lag
    Eman Lag თვის წინ

    While I was playing 76 I kinda felt like fallout 4 did actually look better. I guess cuz it's an online thing so they wanted it to run smoother

  • KingsN' Jenssons
    KingsN' Jenssons თვის წინ

    whats the difference

  • Jorge Díaz Marchena
    Jorge Díaz Marchena თვის წინ

    Looks the same

  • Clevelandier Gaming
    Clevelandier Gaming თვის წინ

    Hey everybody shouldn't this be the same thing vs the same thing with a different name

  • piggy wiggy
    piggy wiggy თვის წინ

    It looks like the same game

  • Burning Derp
    Burning Derp თვის წინ

    looks worse

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes თვის წინ +1

    how does fallout 4 look more realistic than fallout 76

  • Justin Reid
    Justin Reid თვის წინ

    So no change then. Cool. I'll stick with fallout 4 where I get mods and actual story content. It's almost as if Bethesda needs to create a new engine already instead of giving us a 60 dollar pvp dlc for fallout 4 that doesn't really work all the tine.

  • Ashley Cronk
    Ashley Cronk თვის წინ

    Fallout v RDR2 Bethesda should have waited to release this

  • Dub Warrior
    Dub Warrior თვის წინ

    This is kinda a unfair comparison a online game vs a single player game. With that said 76 has been lackluster overall

  • Sam 123
    Sam 123 თვის წინ

    My priority is not graphics, if it looks ok and run well, the most important is fun and enjoyment

    • Sam 123
      Sam 123 თვის წინ

      +KcTheCray i dont listen to them and i love fallout and my minds fully open to this new entry

    • KcTheCray
      KcTheCray თვის წინ

      Sam 123 let me tell you it’s really fun the world feels alive and random and don’t listen to the haters they didn’t fully or did not at all played the beta

    MOON MAN თვის წინ

    Woah fallout 4 looks better who would say? Thats pretty impressive