iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

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  • Aidana Turmaganbetova
    Aidana Turmaganbetova 2 საათის წინ

    Ikon I'm ok 😍👏💣

  • ac axe
    ac axe 2 საათის წინ


  • Better Better
    Better Better 2 საათის წინ +1

    so I think I just fell in love with them and I was wondering if some ikonic could tell me more about them, like how do u pronounce theirs names or know if they have any nicknames ( and the reason why) or recommend videos that help me get to know them more
    I really think that ikon is an incredibly talented group and deserves so much more recognition

  • Bayu Hayatul
    Bayu Hayatul 2 საათის წინ

    Why my friend share this shyet

  • Abbie Teh Dolleno
    Abbie Teh Dolleno 2 საათის წინ +1

    Hello! Please also follow iKON's twitter page. Thank you! ❤️

  • P-MT Official
    P-MT Official 2 საათის წინ +1

    *Wow idol╰☜*

  • Blink
    Blink 2 საათის წინ +1


  • risna hun
    risna hun 2 საათის წინ +1

    i really love all the ikon song 😍😍
    i ❤❤❤❤❤ ikon

  • An Enigma
    An Enigma 2 საათის წინ


  • Tiffan Doan
    Tiffan Doan 3 საათის წინ +1

    Love this song
    Love iKON

  • Amna Khan
    Amna Khan 3 საათის წინ +1

    Okay my song is trending in Pakistan

  • Bts jsmin
    Bts jsmin 3 საათის წინ +1

    Str3@m to 15 MIL and more plsss 😍😫

  • miimii 13
    miimii 13 3 საათის წინ +2

    *LOVE SCENARIO 247M ➡ 250M*
    *KILLING ME 93M ➡ 100M*
    *GOODBYE ROAD 32M ➡ 40M*
    *I'M OK 12M ➡ 20M*

  • Rotama Angelia Sihite
    Rotama Angelia Sihite 3 საათის წინ

    Junhoeeee😭 ily

  • Dii Dii
    Dii Dii 3 საათის წინ +3

    The more I heard it, the more I became addicted, it was great. This song is awesome. I love it. 😍😘

  • Jennie Luvs
    Jennie Luvs 3 საათის წინ +4

    First Kpop M/V of 2019 to reach 1m likes

  • yhesty cell
    yhesty cell 3 საათის წინ

    Sedih banget lagunya 😭

  • ikonic Blinkeu
    ikonic Blinkeu 3 საათის წინ +1

    Stre@m im ok sebelum tido😊...ooopss baca doa tido dulu😄😄

  • Frances Armia
    Frances Armia 3 საათის წინ +2

    Ikon TV season 2 please 😢😍

  • Kian Athirah
    Kian Athirah 3 საათის წინ +1


  • CH
    CH 3 საათის წინ +1

    At 2:13, the carplate number not only shows the title of this song but also iKON's official debut date✨

  • Marcos López
    Marcos López 3 საათის წინ


  • Frances Armia
    Frances Armia 3 საათის წინ +1

    Im Sick but #withikonimokay. Thank you Ikon.. Your songs are my lullaby 😍

  • Lidya Sari Wijaya
    Lidya Sari Wijaya 3 საათის წინ +1

    Please why viewers still same, are you not streaming iKONICS? :((

  • moon child
    moon child 3 საათის წინ +1

    This song really gives you such big impact ugh they're so great!!

  • Na Na
    Na Na 3 საათის წინ +2


  • Kawaii Maureen
    Kawaii Maureen 3 საათის წინ +1

    Eeeeek Bobby so handsome

  • moon child
    moon child 3 საათის წინ +1

    *ma luvs*

  • bayu surya
    bayu surya 3 საათის წინ +1

    Good song👍

  • Jomar Gensaya
    Jomar Gensaya 4 საათის წინ


  • noah julien
    noah julien 4 საათის წინ +1

    This song don't deserve song of the year it is sure 😂😂😂only 12M ? 😂😂😂 it is finish for IKON the daesang" song of the year "😂😂

    • Cristel Gragasin
      Cristel Gragasin საათის წინ

      +noah julien when did I said that iKON was more popular than the said groups? Ohh and I'm sure iKON a daesang not because of their popularity. They got it despite being unpopular, they made an impact to people in Korea. Let that sink it.

    • Scarlet Heart
      Scarlet Heart 2 საათის წინ

      Bruhhh.. Lol.. This is UNPROMOTED song, what u expect? Dont be salty here.. Owh btw, this song is still trending in my country after 2 weeks released! See.. Quality over quantity.. 😉

    • noah julien
      noah julien 2 საათის წინ +1

      +Cristel Gragasin this year IKON can not get DAESANG 😌 DAESANG ARE ONLY FOR BTS , EXO OR TWICE 😌😌

    • noah julien
      noah julien 2 საათის წინ +1


    • noah julien
      noah julien 2 საათის წინ +1

      +Salt of the world it is not only youtube view , they don't have even PAK for this song " I'M OK" 😂😂😂it is sure , they will not get daesang this year 😂😂😂😂

  • Muliana Yusuf
    Muliana Yusuf 4 საათის წინ +1

    My favorite part at 1:57

  • Muliana Yusuf
    Muliana Yusuf 4 საათის წინ +1

    Meski Gak ngerti apa artinya, tapi sukaaa ❤️ cocok nih buat yang galau

  • L28 Edits
    L28 Edits 4 საათის წინ +1

    not even lying
    i might as well cry

  • #supportYGartist
    #supportYGartist 4 საათის წინ +4

    still trending in Malaysia #27 on trending

  • Rai Jihan
    Rai Jihan 4 საათის წინ +2

    siapa disini orang indonesia bilang aku hadir

    • Rai Jihan
      Rai Jihan 4 საათის წინ

      di komen ya dah langsung aja like thanks ya friend we love you

  • Siêu lầy lội VN
    Siêu lầy lội VN 4 საათის წინ

    chuc cac ban nam moi anh lanh va hanh phu
    ung ho kenh de giup kenh phat trien nha cac ban

    REVELUV BLINK IKONIC 4 საათის წინ +13

    iKON IM OK
    01/19 9:55PM KST:12,479,808
    01/20 9:55PM KST:12,761,709
    Today views:281,901

  • Nanda Aulia
    Nanda Aulia 4 საათის წინ +3

    I'm not an IKON fans but this song makes me wanna sing along even tho I don't even know the lyrics lol
    the melody kinda ear catching

    • __Hanbin Stan__
      __Hanbin Stan__ 4 საათის წინ

      They have a lot of good songs 💜

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy 4 საათის წინ +1


  • Adinda Kazekage
    Adinda Kazekage 4 საათის წინ +2


  • yuri setiono
    yuri setiono 4 საათის წინ +1


  • Winwin Taeyong
    Winwin Taeyong 4 საათის წინ +7

    This song was played here in Norway yesterday!!!!

  • im just a crackhead
    im just a crackhead 4 საათის წინ +1

    I'm not ok.

  • TaeTen Jaeno
    TaeTen Jaeno 5 საათის წინ +3

    The way they are talking about experiences that hurt them not only physically but also emotionally and that so many people can relate to makes us feel much better and that we are not suffering alone but also have people that we admire and care for and look up to makes us not lose hope and lets us gain trust in ourselves. There is a quote which I relate to a lot.
    'Think well of people as if they're all good, and rely on yourself as if there is no good in people.'

  • Zee rare
    Zee rare 5 საათის წინ +1


  • Мухмед Бедросович
    Мухмед Бедросович 5 საათის წინ

    Аааааа! Как же круто!!! Мои вы любимки!!!!

  • Vanessa Alegada
    Vanessa Alegada 5 საათის წინ +2

    Ikon your the best.

  • _ holy_
    _ holy_ 5 საათის წინ

    Чо я тут забыл? Сука >:с

  • Cute Leo
    Cute Leo 5 საათის წინ

    This song is so relatable???

  • catalina cernei
    catalina cernei 5 საათის წინ +2

    I'm Ok

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen 5 საათის წინ +1


  • Sholawat Versi
    Sholawat Versi 5 საათის წინ

    Wow I like it this song.. #Iamok

  • เบญญา เสร็จธุระ
    เบญญา เสร็จธุระ 5 საათის წინ +3

    Love u B.I 😘😘

  • 마노반라리사
    마노반라리사 5 საათის წინ +4

    I think i'm stanning iKON...

    • __Hanbin Stan__
      __Hanbin Stan__ 4 საათის წინ +1

      Welcome. Try to watch WIN and Mix n Match Survival Shows.

  • bangtang C
    bangtang C 5 საათის წინ

    When i first listen to this it didn't quite catch my attention but the 2nd time it did. I feel like i have to listen to things twice to get into it.

    IMAN SANTOSO 5 საათის წინ +4

    Don’t forget to keep stream MY iKONIC ❤️

  • ThunderZ
    ThunderZ 6 საათის წინ +2

    Hanbin ganteng

  • sethiel loves 1D and iKON
    sethiel loves 1D and iKON 6 საათის წინ +7

    This song really made me cry. My 2018 was really the fucked up year of my life. My man for 4 years left me just because he met another woman in his life. After our break up, I went to the my old Girl's dorm to get my other things bc the Girl and I lived together as roommates. And damn, there he is, with my old roommate, laughing and flirting with each other like I don't even fucking exist in that same room. Every words of this song stabbed my heart because I can really feel the pain. It's been a month since our break up and I still fucking missing and loving him. And I blame my self for being stuck on a situation that hoping for him to comeback to me. I guess I am really a fool for him. I've been an iKonic for years now and damn, i will always be impressed by my boys. I am thankful that whenever I feel the sadness and being alone, I can just look up to them on the social medias and they'll temporary remove all the pain and sadness that i am enduring right now. Thank you, iKON. You did well. 💕

    • Schrödinger's Cat
      Schrödinger's Cat 3 საათის წინ

      This too shall pass. You dodged a bullet honestly. You deserve better ❤️ 😊

  • Jiwonie iKONIC
    Jiwonie iKONIC 6 საათის წინ +3

    iKONICS please use #iKON and tag @YG_iKONIC in your tweets for iKON to be on Billboard

  • Gabrielle Lopez
    Gabrielle Lopez 7 საათის წინ +4

    The lyrics of this song is so sad😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • Lương Hoàng Thị Diệu
    Lương Hoàng Thị Diệu 7 საათის წინ

    Please do more own bobby mv solo

  • zxx ZNA
    zxx ZNA 7 საათის წინ +4

    Ya! Dongie! Your voice make me speechless

  • Hastuti Setjo
    Hastuti Setjo 7 საათის წინ +2

    Perfetc ikon❤️

  • Jean Bautista
    Jean Bautista 7 საათის წინ +9


  • jackass gabriel
    jackass gabriel 7 საათის წინ +1

    tangina ang lupit ng lyrics! reality sucks!!! im OK! waAaah this song comfort me at the sometime release my prostration in life.. THANKS

  • jackass gabriel
    jackass gabriel 7 საათის წინ +2

    love this song, its so YG! i missed BIGBANG and 2en1, this song brings back those memories.. waAaah

  • ραrκ ζιmιη
    ραrκ ζιmιη 7 საათის წინ +1

    *I'M NOT OKAY*

  • Novia Ramdhayani
    Novia Ramdhayani 7 საათის წინ +2

    Anyyeong✋ saranghae oppa😍😆🔥🔥🔥

  • Hazel Joy Manzano
    Hazel Joy Manzano 7 საათის წინ +10

    For a week this have been my sleeping pills 😇 I can sleep easily when I heard this song ❤ And for a record walang sablay 😂 Btw, I have insomia and I can't sleep most of the time 😇💪 Thanks iKON

  • Nur Masidah
    Nur Masidah 7 საათის წინ +2

    hey ikonic keep streaming okay for our boys we can do it 🔥 Streaming streaming streamingStreaming streaming streaming Streaming streaming streamingStreaming streaming streaming

  • Hazel Joy Manzano
    Hazel Joy Manzano 7 საათის წინ

    lets keep streaming iKONIC 👌 FIGHTING 💪 we can do it...

  • Charlotte Pagtud
    Charlotte Pagtud 7 საათის წინ +1

    It's weekend guys Let's increase the vi3ws 🙏😘

  • Pimi Han
    Pimi Han 8 საათის წინ +9

    I’m really happy when it trending no #2 in Malaysia 🇲🇾 but today already #27 😔 Come on ikonic, let’s make it 20M views and make them come to Malaysia again 🎉

  • Hairunisah 0304
    Hairunisah 0304 8 საათის წინ


  • Hairunisah 0304
    Hairunisah 0304 8 საათის წინ +1

    Love youuuuuuu ikon 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Jane Leong
    Jane Leong 8 საათის წინ +1


  • Eto Chizo
    Eto Chizo 8 საათის წინ +2

    Exo-L here to support u....hwaiting...

  • Michelle Mercado
    Michelle Mercado 8 საათის წინ +4

    Still in love with this song! 😍
    And still in love with IKON ❤

  • Amara Thahira
    Amara Thahira 8 საათის წინ +3


  • yushef rai official
    yushef rai official 8 საათის წინ +1

    From nepal

  • yushef rai official
    yushef rai official 8 საათის წინ +1

    Iam ok ..

  • Accident-for-Thailand
    Accident-for-Thailand 8 საათის წინ +3


  • Ratna Delina
    Ratna Delina 8 საათის წინ +2

    Is verry good

  • Eleina Chen
    Eleina Chen 9 საათის წინ +2


  • Tia Lesmana
    Tia Lesmana 9 საათის წინ +3

    I love june , jinhwan or b.l

  • Tia Lesmana
    Tia Lesmana 9 საათის წინ +2

    Hello you

  • nanzila lubis
    nanzila lubis 9 საათის წინ +2

    finally after bigbang...

  • Qpop Channel
    Qpop Channel 9 საათის წინ +1


  • Riz. kira
    Riz. kira 9 საათის წინ +2

    Something like LOSER big bang

  • Ẩm thực TV
    Ẩm thực TV 9 საათის წინ +1

    Please support my channel, I will love you very much

  • The Flower
    The Flower 9 საათის წინ +4

    the lyrics, you can relate all the things in your life. such as family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend.

  • water is wet ?
    water is wet ? 10 საათის წინ +5


  • Yên Yên
    Yên Yên 10 საათის წინ +3

    Juneeee 😍

  • jinnielover134
    jinnielover134 10 საათის წინ +5

    Trying to be an ikonic please suggest me some songs ❤️❤️

    • Ma. Gitta Pedrosa
      Ma. Gitta Pedrosa 6 საათის წინ +1


    • Ma. Gitta Pedrosa
      Ma. Gitta Pedrosa 6 საათის წინ +1

      Just go

    • NHF 15
      NHF 15 8 საათის წინ +1

      Goodbye road is my fav👍👍👍

    • Babo Bapa
      Babo Bapa 9 საათის წინ +1

      Bling Bling plus iKON's live performances

  • God Jisoo
    God Jisoo 10 საათის წინ +5

    we need freedom mv !!!

  • Risa clara
    Risa clara 10 საათის წინ +2


  • Risa clara
    Risa clara 10 საათის წინ +1


  • Risa clara
    Risa clara 10 საათის წინ +1


  • Risa clara
    Risa clara 10 საათის წინ +1